Thermoforming Machine / SP-680 Seris Thermoforming Machine
SP-680 Seris Thermoforming Machine

SP-680 Seris Thermoforming Machine

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This machine can make various kinds of thermoformed products with PP, PS, PET, PVC sheet,such as lids for paper cups, plastic cups, foam cups, ice cream cups, yogurt cups, plates, egg trays, fruit trays, clamshell fruit punnet, etc with different molds.


Design Feature:

1. SP-680B Automatic Servomotor Controlled Four Stations Thermoforming Machine is equipped with Forming-Hole Punching-Cutting-Stacking, which is widely used for plastic packagers manufacturing industry with fully automatic production.

2. This machine adopts INVT servomotor for top & bottom forming station, top & bottom hole punching station, top & bottom cutting position, which can make various products, such as egg trays, clamshell fruit boxes, blisters, etc.

3. The stacking unit is controlled by servomotor.

4. It adopts Siemens PLC control system, which makes the machine automatically working operation easily and convenient.

5. The main machine components adopt world famous branded parts, such as, Schneider Circuit breakers from France, MAC Solenoid Valves from USA, Siemens PLC from German, INVT Servomotor from China, etc. These high quality machines parts ensures machine quality and long life working.

6. Sheet Feeding is controlled by servomotor which is more accurate.